How an Engagement Ring for Christmas is the Ideal Gift

Marriage proposals are exciting any time of year, and engagement rings are lifelong treasures. There are many occasions that are great for proposing and giving a ring, like birthdays or anniversaries of the first date, but Christmas is one of the most ideal.


The Atmosphere of Christmas

First of all, it is tough to beat an engagement ring; therefore, a man often does not have feel he has to buy another gift for Christmas when he is giving his sweetheart a ring. Christmas is a joyous time of year for most people, and a romantic time to get engaged. Twinkling Christmas tree lights, a blazing fire in the fireplace, and pine-scented candles burning throughout the house can all work together to set the stage for the perfect marriage proposal.


Special Romantic Occasions

In cases where the happy couple has been discussing marriage and looking at engagement rings, the woman may be expecting to receive a ring on Christmas day. It might be a good idea to find a romantic moment just before Christmas to present the ring and formally propose marriage in order to preserve some element of surprise. Around a bonfire with a lot of friends and family present to witness the special event, or alone at the bottom of a snowy slope on a romantic ski trip might be a couple of ideal pre-Christmas moments to present the early gift and propose marriage.


Christmas Day Proposals

There are some options for proposing marriage and presenting an engagement ring as a Christmas gift. It could be done when the couple is alone enjoying a Christmas morning cup of cocoa, while unwrapping gifts under the tree or on Christmas evening over a nice bottle of wine. Proposing marriage and presenting a ring can also be done at a large, boisterous family gathering in front of loved ones. A relative might record the event on video, or take photographs and make a small album as a keepsake for the happy couple. Either way, Christmas is a wonderful time to get engaged.


Selecting a Ring

When purchasing an engagement ring, statistics show that diamonds are the number one choice among betrothed couples; however there are other options. Some women today are beginning to choose other types of gem stones besides diamond for their rings. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires are also popular choices among some women who select their own rings. Colorful gems in an attractive setting can make excellent ring choices. Some women are even selecting luscious pearls set among smaller diamonds as their engagement rings. Many couples go ahead and select their wedding bands too, so that the band complements the ring and the man’s band matches the woman’s.

Men typically spend 2 to 3 months’ salary on the engagement ring. Christmas can be an ideal time for a man to purchase a ring due to Christmas sales on jewelry items. In addition, the man may be fortunate enough to receive a hefty Christmas bonus from his employer that could cover the entire cost of the ring. Any way you look at it, Christmas is an ideal time to propose marriage to the love of your life, and present a sparkling engagement ring.