How to Find the Right Engagement Ring Jeweler in Seattle


Selecting the perfect engagement ring is the crucial first step toward getting married. With such a wide variety of engagement ring jewelers in Seattle, the task can feel overwhelming. Once you identify what type of ring you want and set a budget for it, however, selecting engagement rings in Seattle is much easier to do.

Educate Yourself

Learn all about the different types of rings, settings, gemstones and other engagement ring vocabulary before you start to check out engagement rings in Seattle. This will help you understand what each jeweler is referring to during your search. Next, educate yourself about each jeweler by doing some research online. Visit the websites of each Seattle jeweler you find in the Yellow Pages or using Google when applicable, but do not stop there. Find out if the jewelers have online reviews you can peruse, too. Do your homework to ensure that you are armed with all the knowledge you need before visiting jewelers.

Choose Together

Although selecting a ring with your fiancée does take away the element of surprise, it yields a strong benefit: he or she is sure to love the ring. One way you can do this is to pop the question as a surprise with a temporary ring, such as a family heirloom or a less expensive ring you might like to give her as a gift. Go ahead and complete your research beforehand and share it with your fiancée to help you in the jeweler selection process. If you do not wish to choose together, at least get your fiancée’s opinion about types of settings, styles, and other preferences before you shop. Make a list of these preferences and take it to each jeweler you visit.

Consult Friends

Asking married or engaged friends about where they purchased their rings is a good strategy for finding engagement rings in Seattle for several reasons. Your fiends have experience and can give you tips about each jeweler, saving you time and legwork. Referrals from friends may also give you discounts, depending on the jeweler. When your fiancée has already expressed admiration about a friend’s engagement ring, it is a good idea to ask about that particular jeweler, too, since you already know that your future spouse already approves of that jeweler’s products.

Make Some Calls

Use your list of preferences and recommendations to call jewelers before you visit. Although you want to see the ring in person before purchasing it, it is a good idea to find out which jewelers have what you are looking for before your visit. When your fiancée wants an old-fashioned looking ring with sapphires instead of diamonds, that is a specific type of ring that some jewelers may not have. Armed with your list of ring preferences, call the jewelers on your list or in your search results to narrow down the one you wish to visit.

Once you choose your jeweler, find out about returns or exchange policies.  It is also a good idea to find out if your jeweler offers re-sizing options, warranties, and ring cleaning services. Remember that you do not have to make a purchase on your initial visit. Feel free to visit several Seattle ring jewelers before making your important decision, then go back to the one you liked best.