at, we do more than just sell jewelry. we design and create original works of art.

Let us deliver amazing value by taking into consideration your budget, tastes, and style—and together design and craft the perfect ring, necklace, or jewelry article. Just for you.

Here's how creating a customized ring typically works. First, we'll go over a wide array of stones and select the perfect jewel for your piece. From there, we'll move on and view a wide selection of photographs to determine your unique tastes. Then, using CAD software, the latest in design technology, we will create a computerized 3D model.  We will email it to you for confirmation or further modification.  Once approved, it will be cast, polished and engraved if you choose. The whole process can take anywhere from 3 weeks for a simple ring to 2 months for more intricate pieces.

In the end, you'll have a one-of-a-kind ring or jewelry article that's uniquely your own.

Custom engagement rings start at just $1,500.