Have an idea for your perfect engagement ring, but can't find it anywhere? Tara Nash will create a custom ring, tailored to your exact vision and style. See your dream ring rendered in stunning 3D—before you even place your final order. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:
Design Your
Dream Ring

Start by selecting examples of simple ring designs to elaborate from. Is your style ultra-modern or do you dream of a ring inspired by the romantic and feminine Belle Époque?

Find styles you like on our page, or if you have an artist’s hand and already know exactly what you’re looking for, feel free to upload your own images and drawings!

Step 2:
with Tara

For outstanding results, work directly with Tara Nash herself. Fine tune details such as the width of your ring shank (down to the millimeter), hand-pick the clarity and color of your side stones, and the choose exact angle of each curve of hand-engraving.

Do you prefer the vintage look of micro-pave or the smooth and subtle sparkle of the channel setting? Let Tara guide you through the custom process until your ring becomes everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Preview CAD renderings and 3D models before you give approval

Step 3:

Enjoy an extraordinary end-result to produce an incredible piece. The Tara Nash team employs expert craftsmen which chisel, forge, and shape a ring to exacting specifications.

We guarantee satisfaction!

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